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Dienos citata: religijos ir statizmas

Religion was never "invented", it just happens to be that the superstitions that gave mystics more power over people survived, while other superstitions faded away. Monotheism gives an easy monopoly to heaven, because there is only one true god. Polytheism was kinda doomed from the start.

So, it's no mystery that similar religious ideas developed in otherwise isolated areas around the globe, just as it's no mystery that people all figured out agriculture and domestication of animals, or mathematics, without necessarily having borrowed the technology from the same source. This is possible because these things are sciences, and some methods will be objectively "better" than others for their various purposes. Mysticism is simply the science of fooling people into believing silly superstitions, so it makes sense that many cultures would arrive at similar strategies for this purpose.

In this way, we can see statism as a subset of religion; a sort of secular god that magically saves humanity from a state of nature.

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