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Dienos citata: Why libertarianism has failed

We should only be trying to convince people if we are right. If I try to convince you that the color blue is the best color ever and I get angry if you don't agree with me, then obviously that's irrational. There's nothing you can say to people who are irrational.

If we take as our position that freedom is just nice or better, but not logically true or morally valid or provable, than we are wrong in trying to change people to our way of thinking.

If I'm a scientist and I come up with a theory, I don't try to convince people because it's better to believe it, I try to convince people because it's true, and verifiable.

Because [Libertarians] have failed, and have been unwilling to address the central issue of morality, that is why we have failed incredibly badly for the past two generations.

My strong belief to why we have failed is that the world does not run on economic efficiency. The world runs on right and wrong, the world runs on morality. The world does not run on the fact that the free market is going to give you better income, bla bla bla. If people believe that government programs are morally right, they will support them no matter what the evidence. If the people believe that the free market is morally wrong, or at best “amoral”, then they will reject it's unfettered expansion, they will reject the free market.

This is all very understood by our enemies. The Iraq war was sold on the basis of morality. 'Saddam is a bad guy, he's got weapons of mass destruction, he lied to his people. He lied to the UN.' These are all moral arguments. They aren't arguments of efficiency. 'The price of oil will go down if we invade Iraq.' No one cares about that. They aren't arguments of efficiency. Nobody cares that the price of oil is going to go down in a free market, they don't care if they are going to make money, and we know that because we have been arguing this for generations and we have gotten nowhere.

- Stefan Molyneux

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