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The State as Family


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Dienos citata: The State

Dialogas iš Facebook:
Mike P.: Hey! WTF? Someone added me to a public group called "The United States" without my permission. This group runs contrary to my values. I would like to be removed immediately.

Kyle: I hate it when people add me to groups without my asking.

Mike P.: Yeah, its really annoying when people do that.

Mike P.: The admins of this group are real assholes.

Civilized Savage: You should really stop whining about other people controlling your life

Doug: You are free to leave.

Mike P.: That's not what the admins are saying.

Doug P.: You are getting services--you must pay. Stop being so selfish.

Mike V.: It's for your own good.

Civilized Savage: Not paying is the same as stealing

Doug: Oh, but before you leave the group, you may have to pay some exit taxes. See the button marked "Leave Group"? Click on that, file form AB540-54545543-433, then form JB890-43-423G followed by GF448534. Submit in triplicate. Oh, and you must join another group first, then show proof of belonging to said group. Then you may leave.

Allison: LOL!

Rigby: Send them a copy of Lysander Spooner's "No Treason" and remind them that the income tax is voluntary.

No need to mention my name, though. I'm just glad to help.

Keep it legit.

Mike P.: Seriously people. The admins of this group are flaming assholes. Now they are trying to claim that I am a party to some non-existent "social contract" and thus I am not allowed to leave the group.

Scott: Sorry, love it or leave it buddy.

Doug: You made that contract when you started using our services. It was implicit. You became a member of the group, and by so doing, you implicitly agreed to everything we came up with, and will come up with in the future.

Scott: If you really want to change things then just start voting you dimwit.

Mike V.: Lmao @ the "social contract".
It sounds like whoever started the group is being very tongue-in-cheek. Seriously, I really can't imagine them being serious about this.

Rigby: Mike is right. What kind of idiot chooses a nym based on some French psycho chick from _Lost_?!?

Social Contract... pft.

Offer, acceptance, inception, expiration, remedy... What part of *that* is so hard to understand?!?

Anthony: I thought groups that advocate violence weren't allowed.
 Juokiausi iki ašarų :) Bet kai supranti, kad realybėje taip ir gyvename, pasidaro nelabai juokinga.

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Dienos citata: Parents and Trauma

Dvi citatos iš įžangos į Daniel Mackler Toward Truth: A Psychological Guide to Enlightenment:
I have never known a patient to portray his parents more negatively than he actually experienced them in childhood but always more positively - because idealization of his parents was essential for his survival.

- Alice Miller, Thou Shalt Not Be Aware
The conflict between the will to deny horrible events and the will to proclaim them aloud is the central dialectic of psychological trauma.

- Judith Herman, Trauma and Recovery